A Snowy Cape Cod Weekend

It’s pretty clear that this winter has not been kind to those of us in New England. It has, however, given those of us crazy enough to brave a snowstorm or two an opportunity to take some awesome photos. Two weeks ago, Matt and I took a Valentine’s Day trip to Provincetown, MA despite the fact that a Nor’Easter was headed our way. As if blizzard-like conditions and 70+ MPH winds were going to stop us from going to one of our favorite places.
Here are some images from when we cheated death and braved the outer Cape beaches. Enjoy!


Shoot with Semiosis Quartet

A few weeks ago, my friend Bryan contacted me asking if I’d be interested in doing a shoot with The Semiosis Quartet, a string quartet that he is part of. Of course I said yes, and then the fun began of trying to coordinate five very busy schedules. We finally were able to settle on a time…7am on a Saturday! But never fear, because they wanted an outdoor shoot, I prefer to shoot on location, AND the light is gorgeous at 7am, especially at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain (if you live in/near Boston and have never been there, I have nothing more to say to you).

I’m so excited with how these shots came out, and I was even more excited that the members of the quartet loved them! I even got a free mini-concert from them, as you can see in some of the photos, and let me tell you these four are TALENTED! They’re always posting performance dates on their Facebook, so you have no excuse to not see them perform. You can also check out their official websitehere.
Here are some photos from our shoot, enjoy!

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