My name is Katherine, and my goal in this life is to rock your world with beautiful photography. Whether I am shooting in the studio with a slew of lighting equipment or out in the field with just my vintage film camera, I strive to infuse an insane level of fun and passion into every shot I take. 

I started taking photos at age 13 and since then a camera has never been too far out of my reach. I studied photography at both the Hartford Art School in West Hartford, CT and the New England School of Photography in Boston, MA. I currently live and work in Boston, and while I am a Boston girl at heart, I would love to travel to work with you (yeah you!).

Aside from photography, I enjoy baking an obscene amount of cupcakes, spending time with my pugs, and admiring the everyday beauty of this crazy world we live in.

(The rockin' photo to your left was taken by Matt Wright Photography)           
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